We create the world of glasses from first drawings to the finished products!


We are artists, we love our jobs, and our glasses are the way we express ourselves. Each frame from Liw Lewant is something we are proud of and it is for our passion that the company has reached it’s unprecedented success.

We do not know any limits. We know that a fresh perspective is important when creating new glasses. Therefore, our company has cooperated with the Academy of Fine Arts, thus providing the most promising students with a possibility of designing new glasses.
While helping young talented people, we become a dynamic company, full of new ideas.

Liw Lewant is a timeless brand which is not affected by market`s fluctuations and is full of original ideas. By rejecting used patterns, the designers of our brand set new trends in the art of design, so that we could offer unique pairs of glasses.


Young designers from the Academy of Fine Arts:


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